Crâznic and Associates

Starting with April 2016, I have founded alongside with Mrs. Daniela Crâznic (former prosecutor and experienced attorney at law) CRÂZNIC AND ASSOCIATES – ATTORNEYS AT LAW, law firm specialized in criminal law, business criminal law, civil and commercial litigation.

After 16 years as a magistrate, among them counting 12 as a prosecutor at the Prosecutor’s Office Attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania, in 2010, I became a founder partner at a law firm in Bucharest.

Although the law firm had remarkable professional and financial results, I felt the need of a new beginning.

I realized that, despite dedicating my whole time to the practice of law, I was not able to be, for every client, the type of lawyer I wish I would have encountered if I needed the help of a law professional.

I have always treated the clients the same, knowing that for every one of them their case is the most important. Even though the results were very good in all the mandates I took over as a defense lawyer, I know I can do more for my clients if I have fewer cases on my table and more time to dedicate in order to provide an outstanding legal defense.

Therefore, I started over again, decided to do more for my clients.
This is why, CRÂZNIC AND ASSOCIATES – ATTORNEYS AT LAW  will always have lawyers ready to dedicate themselves 100% to defending our clients’  legal rights.

Flavius Crâznic
Managing Partner


Our mission is to defend our clients’ rights with loyalty and professionalism.

Focusing on this goal, we always strive to offer security and solve our clients’ legal issues, using our professionalism, legal skills and sound knowledge of the law as ways to reach what we have aimed for.


PROFESSIONALISM – We are a well trained team, formed by experienced attorneys at law, ready at any moment to react wisely. The extended time of case preparation is the main pillar of our activity as defense lawyers. In addition, our tenacity is what makes us never give up.

LOYALTY – Without trust we can’t reach our goals. This is why we are always faithful to our clients.

INTEGRITY – We are straightforward and have good faith. We tell our clients the truth, even though sometimes the truth is hard to bear.

RESPECT  -  We respect our clients and we expect the same thing. We always treat our clients like the way we want to be treated.


We only like to see things well done and we are not content until we do everything that depends on us.

We offer full loyalty and always striving to be better than yesterday.