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Crâznic & Associates - Attorneys at Law works based on values like loyalty, professionalism and respect.

Founded in April 2016 by two former prosecutors with experience in instrumenting and presenting to court complex cases - Flavius Crâznic & Daniela Crâznic - CRÂZNIC & ASSOCIATES carries out its activity in the fields of criminal law, civil & commercial law, family law, assisting private individuals & companies and representing them in front of law enforcement, prosecutor offices and courts in Romania and the European Union.

A major component of our specialization is the prevention and consultancy of companies.


Crâznic & Associates - Attorneys at Law has the mission to defend their clients' rights and to solve their problems by offering high quality legal services.

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We are loyal and always seek improvement.

We don't accept anything but a job well done and we are not satisfied until we have done everything in our power to defend our clients rights.